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Gobeshona 6: Gender Responsive Resilience

UN Women on Gender Responsive Resilience at Gobeshona 6 Conference.

Gender Responsive Resilience was hosted by UN Women. The moderator,  Mrs. Dilruba Haider, Programme Specialist, DRR ,CCA and HA ,UN Women has introduced the panel for the session titled “Gender Responsive Resilience”. This plenary session was a part of Day 1 of ICCCAD’s Gobeshona 6 conference. 

Presenter, Ms. Sadia Sharmin, Senior Assistant Engineer, LGED spoke about using gender markers when building a team. She spoke of how men and women should work together to ensure equal rights in this male dominated culture. She also appreciated the Bangladeshi government for not considering gender in government projects. The work LGED is currently working on is a project toolkit to assess equal rights. 

The panelists

Ms Rose from Kenya gave the idea of implementing exclusive climate centers for women in Bangladesh because climate change affects women and children more than others. She put forth the concept of a good model of climate centers where women will have a platform of their own. She said that women and children should come forward to have one to one conversation in sessions to find what should be done to face climate change.

Mr Richard said that communities who work together are much more likely to accomplish together.
We mentioned empirical evidence that shows that mass media is perceived differently by women. He said that media communication can play a good role to create awareness to people about climate change, and called out to the media to take action on this issue.
He further said that while many women are interested to come forward to work on climate related issues, but are unable to due to lack of government support.

Youth Researcher, Anusree Ghosh, is a researcher in Protic jointly conducted with Oxfam. She told how ICT can help women to resilient. From surely 65% of women can use phone for various things and their adapting to climate change. And among 65% , 6% are very effective using phones. And assured  85% women are aware of climate change.

Sameera Anowar is an Environmental Science student at Independent University, Bangladesh.

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