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Gobeshona 6: Water Security and Climate Change

WaterAid hosts session at ICCCAD’s 6th Gobeshona Conference

The first plenary session of Gobeshona 6 was hosted by WaterAid on “Water Security and Climate Change”. The session was Chaired by Dr Saleemul Huq, Director ICCCAD and was moderated by Ms Hasin Jahan, Country Director, WaterAid. 

The first presenter, Mr. Tasauf Baki Billah, Director, OpenStreetMap Bangladesh Foundation spoke on Geospatial database creation for pond resources using remote sensing and GIS in Satkhira district. The major findings through cloud-based data management, schematic diagram and drone operation were that 37 ponds can be used for potable drinking water. Some ponds whose existence was previously unknown could be used to ensure safe drinking water. 

The second speaker, Mr. Kushal Roy, Water Resources and Climate Change Expert spoke about the analysis of the groundwater resources. He spoke of how groundwater resources are being polluted due to industrial pollutants such as manganese, iron etc. According to survey, Chattogram is the most vulnerable area according to the surveys. However, many research gaps were established in this research which were due to lack of harmonization, coordination and alignment among intergovernmental and intragovernmental organization. 

The third and final speaker Ms. Bushra Monowar Duti, Associate Specialist, Climate Change Cell, Institute of Water Modelling spoke about Impact of Climate Change on Water Availability and extreme flows of Jamuneshwari river basin in Bangladesh.

Farhana Akter Nitu is a ninth-semester student of Environmental Science and English Language Teaching (ELT) at Independent University, Bangladesh.

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