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Gobeshona 6 Workshop: In-Polder Water Management

BlueGold on Small-Scale Infrastructure for In-Polder Water Management

This parallel session of day 2 of the four-day conference Gobeshona 6 by the International Centre for Climate Change And Development (ICCCAD) was held at Independent University, Bangladesh. 

A Workshop on small-scale infrastructure for in-polder water management was held by NGO Blue Gold. The workshop was highly interactive and included many interested participants.

The workshop began with a brief history on polders and the Netherlands’ contributions in the creation of polders to provide security from floods, sea surges and salinity intrusion. Polder infrastructure was initially designed to drain excess water to protect the monsoon rice crop from extended periods of waterlogging, and was later modified to admit freshwater into the polder, for storage in khals and subsequent use for the irrigation of dry season crops. 

Mr. Bart Brookhuis discussed Polder Water Management. This system involved the Polder, Catchment, Sub-catchment and its Parts. This infrastructure management included the regulation process and the primary khal. This Polder system was regulated to increase the cropping intensity which had successful examples. Some of the participants of the workshop were from rural regions where polders were built, and one of them stated that this Polder system was created in his farm to reduce the impacts of flooding and it resulted effectively.

The next presenter in the workshop was Dr. Kymo Slage. He spoke about the Water Management Applications, the strategies in this project and the hardships that needed to be pondered and solved.

Farhana Akter Nitu is an Environmental Science and English Language Teaching (ELT) student at Independent University, Bangladesh

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