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Gobeshona Global Conference on Locally – Led Adaptation

Background of Gobeshona

Gobeshona is the Bangla word for Research and also the name of a platform created in 2013 by a group of universities and research institutions based mainly in Bangladesh. The platform aims to bring together the national and international research community to encourage sharing, enhance quality, and, in doing so, make climate change research in Bangladesh more effective.

Gobeshona uses several tools centered around our web-portal. The portal shares information about completed publications, ongoing research, upcoming events, and researcher opportunities relevant to climate change in Bangladesh.

Beyond the web portal, Gobeshona organizes monthly seminars, which are hosted in Bangladesh by the institutions that are part of the Gobeshona Steering Committee. Over the years Gobeshona Steering Committee members has grown to include over fifty universities and research institutions representing a range of valuable and renowned national and international organizations, based in Bangladesh, that are involved in climate change research.

Every January since 2015 Gobeshona has held a four-day-long in-person conference with several hundred participants at the Independent University Bangladesh (IUB). The conference provided the opportunity to bring together a distinguished and multidisciplinary group of scholars, policy-makers, researchers, and practitioners from around the world to share their knowledge, research, and practical experiences on climate change issues with a broad range of themes and sub-themes. Through these annual conferences, Gobeshona sought to address the quality of research being produced in Bangladesh with the theme “Climate Change Research into Action”. While it was mostly focused on Bangladesh it also attracted a significant number of international participants, especially from the Least Developed Countries Universities Consortium on Climate Change (LUCCC) as well as others.

At the inaugural session of the 6th Annual Gobeshona conference held in January 2020, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations Mr. Ban ki-Moon, who is also the chair of the Global Commission on Adaptation (GCA) launched the Locally Led Adaptation (LLA) Action Track of the GCA and since then we have been working on LLA. We have therefore decided to relaunch the Gobeshona conference series and instead of the 7th annual conference of the old series focused mainly on Bangladesh, we will be holding the next conference as the First Gobeshona Global Conference on Research into Action on Locally – Led Adaptation from 18th to 24th January 2021.

What to look ahead at the Gobeshona Global Conference

There will be significant differences in this new series of Gobeshona Global Conference going forward.

Firstly, it will be focused on the overarching theme of Locally Led Adaptation taking place in every country around the world.

Secondly, it will be run over 24 hours over 7 days aimed at different continents and geographies as follows:

1. Asia and Pacific

2. Africa and Europe

3. North, Central, and South America

Gobeshona Global Conference will include four types of sessions as follows:

  1. Keynote speakers (60 minute session)
  2. Organizational session (90 minutes)
  3. Thematic sessions (90 minutes)
  4. Interactive Networking sessions (120 minutes)

Thirdly, the new Gobeshona Global series will revive the knowledge exchange seminars (from the old format), but take it onto a virtual webinar series, to capture the knowledge and lessons between conferences, allowing partners to share their research on a broader scale.

For more Information on the Gobeshona Global Conference:

Join Us!

The Gobeshona Global Conference will become a new series focusing on Locally Led Adaptation Globally and will be held as a virtual event every year for the coming decade and each year’s conference will build on the previous ones to enhance the quality and quantity of LLA around the world. Starting from January 2021, each year, the seven-day long annual Gobeshona Global Conference on Locally Led Adaptation will be hosted by the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD). This event will bring together researchers as well as practitioners and supporters of LLA under one platform to focus on Learning and Measuring progress both locally as well as nationally and globally each year and track progress year on year. The main aim of the Gobeshona Global conference, from 2021 onwards will be to stimulate actions amongst the participants which they will take forward between events and come back each year to report on their progress. We are therefore seeking long term partners who are interested to join Gobeshona in the ten -year Journey towards building Locally – Led Adaptation; Research, Action, and Support. In this journey, partners will be able to network and work together to add value to each other’s work and build momentum around the world with us.

For more information on sessions at the Gobeshona Global Conference please contact:

Sarah Farheen Khan Programme Assistant, Gobeshona