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Gobeshona 6: Outcomes of an Integrated Water Management Intervention

BlueGold on “Outcomes of an Integrated Water Management Intervention: Rethinking the Community’s Role”

A workshop session titled “Outcomes of an integrated water management intervention: rethinking the community’s role” was hosted by BlueGold at Gobeshona 6 Conference, a four-day conference organized by the International Centre for Climate Change And Development (ICCCAD) at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) today. The presenters of this session were Ms. Sharmin Afroz and Mr. Kees Blok.

Mr. Kees Blok discussed briefly about the BlueGold program. They are working on water management and development in Khulna and Satkhira regions.The BlueGold Program establishes and empowers community organizations to sustainably manage their water resources, and based on their priorities, delivers the services to those community organizations that express demands. He concluded his speech by stating: “The Blue Gold program searches for water management and development between Researcher- Practitioners- Policy.”

Ms. Sharmin Afroz discussed that, for sustainable water development, there are not enough sluice systems in Khulna. The people from that region are the most vulnerable in terms of pursuing clean drinkable water and thus she stated that financial development and people’s participation are the keys to developing a sustainable program. She then concluded with some positive impacts of Blue Gold Program interventions:  

  1. Increase in farm income and employment
  2. Engagement of poor people in cultivating crops
  3. Increase in agricultural dimensions
  4. Increase in fish farming
  5. Improvement of the livelihood of local people. 

Farhana Akter Nitu is an Environmental Science and English Language Teaching (ELT) student at Independent University, Bangladesh.

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