Catalytic Grants for Establishing Southern-based Collaborations Towards Enhancing Locally-led Adaptation and Resilience

Climate change adaptation and resilience has generated a vibrant community of academics and practitioners in the Global South. The Gobeshona Conference is a part of an annual cycle of important touch points for these communities to share their practices. These gatherings allow this community of practice to meet on a regular basis, form new connections, and collaborate on new ideas.

The Catalytic Grant Programme was inaugurated at the Global Gobeshona Conference in 2021 to assist and create continuity between events such as Global Gobeshona Conference, Development Climate days, London climate action week, Community based adaptation (CBA) and Conference of Parties (COPs). This award aims to provide initial seed funding to incentivize partnerships and collaborations at present and in the future to further develop ideas fostered during the conference. Five winning teams were awarded to continue working on ideas ignited during the Gobeshona Global Conference.This year, a similar grant will be conducted under this programme where 5 winning teams will receive 5000 USD (each) to implement their ideas on locally led adaptation and resilience initiatives.

☛ Application process & timeline

  • Call for application will open on 21st March 2022.
  • The deadline of the application form is on 3rd April 2022.
  • The projects will be selected by crowd voting through the Gobeshona website. 
  • The selection mail will be sent out to groups by 8th April 2022.
  • The guidance call will take place after 8th April 2022 and the selected project participants will be invited to attend the meeting to get more ideas about the grant from the ICCCAD, CJRF and GRP team.
  • After the guidance call, selected groups will have to submit a final proposal, where they can include a short video explaining about the project (optional) along with the budget.
  • The project proposals may follow the following themes- Locally led Adaptation (LLA), Nature based Solutions (NbS), Gender and Youth, Capacity Building, Loss and Damage, and others relevant to climate change.
  • The deadline for final project proposal submission will be on 18th April 2022.

For clarification about the process, please contact Adiba Bintey Kamal and Kazi Taiba Bari Nowsheen:,

Application deadline 3rd April 2022