2nd Gobeshona Global Conference
Exploring Locally - Led Adaptation & Resilience for COP27
27 March to 01 April - 2022
22 Themes

About Gobeshona Global

GOBESHONA as always provides an opportunity to bring together a distinguished and multidisciplinary group of scholars, policy-makers, researchers and practitioners from around the world to share their knowledge, research, and practical experiences on climate change issues with a broad range of themes, focusing on Locally – Led Adaptation Action (LLA) across different geographical regions. Connecting local to global issues, including a particular focus on COP27.

Starting from 27th March 2022, the seven-day long annual Gobeshona Global Conference on Locally Led Adaptation will be hosted by the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) fully online!

This conference will bring together researchers as well as practitioners and supporters of LLA under one platform to focus on Learning and Measuring progress locally, nationally and globally, each year and track progress year on year.

The aim of the Gobeshona Global conference, from 2021 has been to stimulate actions amongst the participants, inspire people to start their own initiatives (through research or practice) and encourage collaborations; which they will take forward between conferences and come back each year to report on their progress.


How to participate?

GOBESHONA Global Conference is Free of Cost 

(No registration fee)!!! 

However, spaces are limited, so please REGISTER as early as possible to secure your place for the online sessions.

We encourage participants to attend as many sessions as possible and network with other interested people from different backgrounds & geographic regions.

Conference sessions are expected to happen across multiple time-zones, so feel free to register and drop in whenever you can! 

To register and attend sessions, 

  • Please click the registration button. 
  • Once registration is complete a confirmation email will be sent to you from Whova. 
  • Please follow the instructions and sign-up to Whova to access the conference and view the sessions.

Register as Participants

To join the conference and attend sessions, please follow the registration link and look out for the follow-up emails.

Once registration is complete, please follow the email sent from Whova and click the “Download App” button, where you will be required to register to Whova separately to access the full agenda and conference.

Please try to attend as many sessions as possible.

*In case you are not able to join the conference, please let us know as early as possible, so we may allocate your space to someone else to attend.

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How to participate

For the further information on how to participate, please join through the whova platform

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LOCATION (Fully virtual)

We are pleased to inform you that the Conference has transitioned to an online event.

Sessions will be held virtually through ZOOM (registered participants will be provided a link to attend sessions). 

Having sessions online allows us to include more participants than a physical, in – person conference. It also helps to reduce our carbon footprint as we reduce the travel mileage of participants attending, while still being able to create a thriving ‘community of practice’ on Locally – Led Adaptation issues. 

We intend to have sessions across multiple geographical regions. This year the conference sessions will run for 24 Hours, every day from 27th March – 1st April Jan 2022!!! 

We encourage and welcome all Climate enthusiasts to attend the Conference!!!  

The registration links for the conference will be open soon. 

Conference Objectives 

The conference schedule combines over 50 sessions, such as; Keynote Speeches, Thematic Webinars, Organizational Sessions, Networking & Participatory events among other initiatives (Poster Gallery of research case studies, Virtual Field Visit).  

The Gobeshona conference series, centers on ‘actionable research’ that can help make effective policies and inform climate actions to support vulnerable communities.  

Research that are presented within the conference are encouraged to focus on: Practical lessons, Effective solutions, Innovative ideas – that can be put into action. 

GOBESHONA Global Themes 


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